Work Order Management

Simplify work orders for your facilities technicians with an easy-to-use mobile experience, online and offline
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Nuvolo offers a mobile application as part of it’s mobile-first strategy. By processing work orders digitally at the point of service, you are not only saving time for your technicians, and therefore across your organization, but you are collecting more reliable and real-time data.

When you log into your mobile instance, your own personal dashboard appears. As a technician for example, you can see records for all assets you manage, your group’s work orders, and work orders that have been specifically assigned to you. You have the ability to drill into each specific work order assigned to you. There you are presented information about the work order. Such as the asset name, location and whether it is a corrective maintenance work order.

Other information a technician has access to in the mobile application is a procedure checklist, which is especially relevant a PM work order. If something fails during processing, you can automatically submit a work order to correct that. As a technician you also have access to see contracts info, submit itemized costs, submit attachments, submit a signature and see related work orders/work order history with this particular asset.

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